I’ve just watched a fascinating Icelandic film called ‘Innsaei: the power of intuition’ on Netflix, I think you can find it on Youtube and other streaming sites. It explored the nature and meaning of thier word ‘Innsaei’, usually translated as Intuition. Although it translates as intuition their concept of Innsaei is so much more, and well worth a watch.

One fascinating exercise they offer involved sitting out in nature and simply ‘being’ with nature, no mental conversation, description or streams of thought about what you see or experience, just pure ‘Awareness.’ I have tried this and it was a really interesting experience, very similar to my usual mindfullness practice but without the stream of thought that usually accompanies my practice (I did find my monkey mind intruding at times LOL). The idea is that your sub-conscious mind builds up connections with the outerworld and nature that are then available to inform your intuition as it bubbles up from the sub-conscious mind. They explain it far better in the film, but the three meanings that the word Innsaei has are real food for thought:

  • “the sea within” the borderless nature of our inner world (the use of the word Sea is not an error.)
  • “to see within” to know yourself well enough to sense your relationship to Nature and Other.
  • “to see from the inside out” the ability to access your intuitive nature and sense the World from your inner perspective.